Shipping Policy

Standard shipping cost is 20 euro. The shipping options may not vary based on the delivery address, the time of purchase and the availability of items.

Manufacture: 2 business weeks (weekends not included)

Shipping time in general:

- UK, EU: 8-10 business days,

- out of EU, US, Japan, AU, China:  15 -20 business days - mainly to US - depends on the local delivery process.

Please, note: following your tracking by: 

As it shows your package arrived and was taken you have only 14 business days to complain/ask despute, refund, item-changing by email. After this due time we are not accepting any claims, desputes, requests for refund or for changing.

We are not taking responsibility for the shipping time, notes instead of the post. Nore for the shipping-administration by the shipping history. If any problem might occure during the shipping process write to us via email we will open a despuit/make an official inquiry at the post. The investigation by the post takes 30 days. We can inform you about the result only after 30 days as we got it from the post. Please, note the shipping history valid only for 3 months. If you forget to inform us by email you did not get your package/any problem happened than we can not help over 3 months started from the date of delivery and all your shipping info got lost. 

If the shipping history shows your package arrived that means the process completed. Since than we are not accepting any claims for your package got lost/order has not been arrived. 

No manufacture between: 22 December - 03 January. In case of pandemia, lockdown, war situation, health measures, getting close to Christmas, and official work-off time (estimated time of shipping would be:20 November - 31 January) the shipping time may vary (1-3 months). We inform you by email and send you update time by time. 


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